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Doctor Shivaji Bhattacharjee comitted,

Doctor Shivaji Bhattacharjee committed to the alleviation of such ailments, decided to tackle the situation head on. His pain stickenly work and training in the field of physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation made him to travel widely across the country to acquire knowledge and to learn and trained in different courses as practised in different regions by following old Indian way and as well as advanced methods of exercises, manipulative therapy, yoga, advanced machineries’ and life style modifications which has given him excellent insight in pain management and healthy living, he practises these techniques in combination with modern advanced physiotherapy instruments first time in Eastern India. Through his dedicated work spanning over two decades has opened a new horizon and hope to people suffering from pain (acute and chronic) and to improve fitness level.

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Our Approach

Our approach to your recovery is what makes us UNIQUE. We believe in involving you in your treatment. That is why we educate you about your physical condition, its causes and effects. We determine your current level of functionality and your expected goals. Together, we set out a plan for achieving and maintaining those goals making it the treatment that works best for you.

It is a joint process - WE bring the EXPERTISE; YOU commit and follow through with IMPLEMENTATION. The end result is that you recover and get back to your life; and take ownership of your physical health too.

Awareness & Goal Setting

Being educated about your condition/injury is the most important factor towards your success. When you visit our clinic, you will be given a thorough assessment. Our experts will spend time with you to create awareness about your body mechanics, movement patterns, existing condition/injury, types of treatment, exercises and help you set specific goals.

They will chart out your focused plan of therapy, ticking away each session/modality as you progress towards your goal. In case of post-surgery rehabilitation, our Physiotherapists will focus on speedy recovery as well as raising your confidence in using the affected joint on a daily basis.


We recognize that you are in pain and/or unable to move the way you want to. Our Physiotherapists are skilled in internationally established techniques like Mulligans concept, McKenzie techniques and a variety of non-invasive methods including Kinesio-taping, Pilates, Manual therapy, Electrotherapy etc.

Having access to a variety of drug-free treatments including the latest worldwide techniques, our practitioners can offer the best of methods to reduce pain, improve mobility and improve functionality.

Prevention & Lifestyle

At Centre Point, we believe that our true success lies in the fact that our client can maintain the physical recovery on his/her own even after the completion of therapy. Therefore, prior to your discharge, you are provided with a comprehensive home exercise program with a clear list of “Dos and Don'ts" and suggestions to improve your lifestyle or the steps to maximize benefit after a specific surgery.

We also offer products such as exercise balls, resistance bands etc to help you practice good physical health at home too.