TKR: Knee Pain Recovery

Painful knees are a very common occurrence among the elderly and fear about knee pain recovery makes it even worse. So was the case with Mr Narayanaswamy. He continued to live with painful knees which eventually hampered his everyday activity. There was chronic knee pain and despite medication his walking and general movement continued to decline. He consoled himself that the reduced activity and stamina were owing to his increasing age.
After a period of about two years, by when he was bed-ridden and almost totally inactive – he underwent total knee replacement as advised by his doctor.
After an initial rehab of knee replacement, an average person usually reports significant improvement in walking and other movements. Unfortunately Mr Narayanaswamy was not showing any signs of recovery. Instead he consistently suffered from fever and weight loss. Eventually a TB infection was diagnosed that had affected the TKR implant too. So a revision surgery had to be performed on him shortly, thereafter.
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