Our prime target:

  • Sports and fitness enthusiasts,

  • dancers,

  • U-18s, and

  • professionals’ sports person.

Our core focus:

  • A one on one sports injury assessment based on the athletes physical

    and skeletal maturity, skill level and performance goal.

  • ndividualised treatment to return the athlete back to his/her sport in a

    healthy, competitive condition, prepared with the knowledge and skill

    to avoid reinjures.

  • Personalised therapeutic exercise programs designed to increase

    physical performance through improving flexibility, range of motion,

    strength, coordination and endurance.

Our practise:

  • Postural realignment,

  • manual mobilisation,

  • kinesio-taping,

  • deep core stabilisation with glut workout ,

  •  kinetic control work and

  • orthotic therapy.

Our ongoing preventive program:

  • Yoga/ Pilates with a focus on sports specific regimes and

  • customised work out on the Pilate’s reformer.

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